Stop nuclear terrorism: Hands off Belarus and Ukraine

Join us for rally – 8 July 2023, 12.00 Daley Plaza.

The “Stop nuclear terrorism: Hands off from Belarus and Ukraine” rally is a unified response against what members of Russian and Belarusian communities see as a threat to global peace, a threat to Belarusian sovereignty and the blatant disregard for the will of the Belarusian people.

Putin’s regime has been increasingly undermining Belarus’ hard-won sovereignty and national identity, as well as supporting the erosion of human rights and free elections in Belarus. Since the start of full-fledged war with Ukraine, Belarus has been increasingly drawn into the war as well. The placement of nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil exacerbates those trends. It endangers Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states, and it endangers Belarus by making it a target of retaliation in the event of nuclear exchange.

As Belarusian and Russian citizens who suppose a free, peaceful Belarus, we cannot be silent about these dangers. In cities across the world, we are coming together and coming out to express our disapproval. We call on all countries of the world to apply diplomatic pressure to avert this outcome. We call on everyone to support the activists and organizations fighting for a nuclear free, independent and peaceful Belarus.